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When it comes to succeeding online few choices are as important as the products we promote.

While no one can tell you what you should promote, there are guidelines.

In this video you will discover my personal checklist for choosing products to promote, or create, and how I ensure my efforts will be as profitable as possible. 

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Hi this is Charlie Page, Owner of the Directory of Ezines, and I’m often asked, “What is the best product for me to promote?” Well the truth is no one can make that choice for you, but there are guidelines I have learned from over 15 years in business online.I’d like to share with you the guidelines that I use and recommend to my consulting clients.
Number 1, you want to earn a reasonable amount per sale. This is very important. These $7 things and these $20 things really can’t get you enough traction to build a business. You might make a few dollars, but you won’t build a business and the goal is the build a business that can be automated. To me that number is more than $75 per sale. The reason I say $75 per sale is that gives you enough money to be able to pay for your marketing, because to reach people you’ll have to advertise, and that costs money. You want to cover that advertising cost and have some profit left over. I look for something that earns me more than $75 per sale.
Number 2, I look for something that has an excellent reputation. You really want to promote top quality products because your promotion of the product reflects on you. People will remember when you promote a product that they love, or one that they hate. I would be careful about promoting and choose excellent products. You want something that many people need already. You don’t want to have to work so hard that you explain a product to a person and try to get them to want it and then try to get them to buy it. Try to promote something that people need right now. They want it right now. Something that is the best in their field. Whatever that field is.It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, look for the best of the best in their field. And a company that provides excellent customer service, because how they relate to people who buy from your recommendation is going to reflect on you, especially if you want to continue doing business with people who buy from your recommendation. You want to make sure they provide excellent customer service.

Let’s look at the types of products that fit these criteria. I can give you some general guidelines. Here is the magic question …What will people need to succeed in your niche? You might be in personal development, you might be in health and fitness, weight loss so you learn about Kratom Masters, or making money online, business opportunities, survival. What will people need to succeed in your particular niche? Make a list of what a newbie would need to go from a beginner to being successful. If you’re in the survival niche, somebody who’s never though about survival before, what are they going to need to get up to speed? They’re going to need a go bag. And they’re going to need some other things. Make a list of what they might need.

If you’re in the business opportunity niche what type of tools are people going to use. Just get out a piece of paper and make a list of what they need to buy to go from beginner to success and choose those products first. Your marketing will be much easier. They already know they need them, they just haven’t bought them yet.
Here’ a short list as an example. Traffic getting sites are always popular. Everyone online wants to get more traffic, so any site that is reasonable, that is reputable, that has excellence with it, that can help people get traffic will sell well for you, pretty much not matter what niche you’re in. Page builders, often this is a software as a service, like a LeadPages or Unbounce or something like that work very, very well because people don’t want to have to go through the steep learning curve to learn html or to learn to use some kind of a plug-in. They like these online page builders like ClickFunnels. Those work very, very well.
Autoresponders work very well because email marketing is simply the most powerful form of marketing online, with the highest return on investment of all. You want to promote an autoresponder to the people on your list. Ad trackers are also very important because it’s important to be able to understand how many clicks you get on a link, what your cost per visitor is, and things like that. Ad trackers will help you. Blogging and content marketing services or information is very, very popular and easy to market because content marketing works so well, and it’s so popular and everybody’s talking about it.
Whatever niche you’re in the concepts of blogging and content marketing are very popular. Selling these services will be easy because you see people already understand they have this need. If you make the list and start there your marketing can be automated. Here’s how. You could create a follow up system for the 2 top products in each category, the traffic getting, the autoresponder, the ad tracker, et cetera. Create a follow up system that one message for each of the 2 top products in that category, and then send them to everyone on your list, after you have promoted your main product.
Let’s say that you’re promoting a page builder, and a person comes to the site, they get on your list, and now they begin to get a series of emails, where you’re promoting a page builder, don’t just stop there. Also promote traffic getting sites, ad trackers and other things like that. If you do this, if you add this dimension to your marketing, you’re going to make more sales more automatically than ever before.
If you like this tip and you want more tips like this, please like or share it with your friends. By the way if you would like to promote a product that meets all of these criteria, consider becoming a member of the Directory of Ezines. We have a member only affiliate program that provides you the tools and support you need and we pay a high commission. Consider becoming a member of the Directory of Ezines. If you’re a member now, log in and go to our new affiliate center.
This is Charlie Page. Thank you for being here and I hope you have an excellent day.

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