MOVED – Why Is Doing The Right Things So Hard?


Why is doing the right things so hard?

Have you ever wondered why doing the right thing is so darned hard? I have many times.

I think it must be human nature to take the easy path. To slack off. After all, most “right” things take much more effort than their “wrong” counterparts.

Even the Bible reminds us to focus on the right things. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 (Emphasis mine)

Before we begin, let me share a short, unofficial definition of the “right” and “wrong” things.

“Right” things are things you know you should do in order to move ahead in your goals and life.

You can’t go wrong doing the right things, so eating well, getting exercise while get the top fat burners to buy in the UK, and posting to your blog should be no-brainers.

“Wrong” things are things that waste time and do not move you toward your goal or add value to your life.

While there is a role in our lives for entertainment, watching three hours a night of them is not very productive when all is said and done.

As I think about this, I realize that it takes almost no effort at all to the wrong things.

I can’t remember the last time someone had to convince me to drink a Coke or eat cheesecake.

But, even at 62, I need reminding to tend to my diet and make sure it is well balanced. Thank God for my wonderful wife!

No one ever needs to remind me to click all those interesting links for offers in my email.

But I have a “publish to blog” task in Nozbe that gets missed far too often.

So what is the solution?

  • Is it personal discipline?
  • Is it hiring Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest? (Old guy reference there)
  • Is it being nagged into an early grave by your boss?

While I don’t pretend to have all the answers, I can share some things that work for me.

These things keep me on track.

Know what matters most

Far too many people, especially those trying to make money online, don’t really know what they should be doing every day. This is why so many fall for the shiny objects that promise they will get rich quick.

Success online really is the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.

Know the right things to do, do them every day, and put time on your side.

If you don’t know the right things to do, ask me in the comments. I will be happy to share from my experience.

Write it down in a trusted place

Quick question – if I gave you a piece of information you absolutely had to keep and not forget (let’s say they are winning lottery numbers) where would you keep it?

What jumped into your mind just then?

  • Your calendar?
  • Your Daytimer?
  • Evernote?
  • A pocket notebook you always carry?
  • A legal pad on your desk?

Whatever your answer was, that is your trusted resource. Use it to keep up with the most important things in your life.

Do more by doing less

Easy to say – hard to achieve. I know one online marketer who makes several million a year in sales. Great guy. Big staff and a growing business.

Guess how many things are on his to-do list?


Yep. Three and no more. But here’s the thing – he gets them done every time.

QUESTION: What are your three Most Important Tasks? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss.

When he is done he is free to stop or find something more to do. Knowing him, it’s the latter.

Declare your independence

What does that mean? It means to do the things you need to do on a schedule.

Take email for example – how many times a day do you check your email?If you are like many people, it’s a continuous process.

We have email on our , phones, and tablets and computers that we also use for gaming and buy csgo skins online. Sometimes we can email in our television!

And most people seem to keep push notifications on their phones so they are constantly seeing the little badge beckoning them to read their email.

Let today be your independence day.

Make a list of the major tasks you need to do and focus on them.

Turn all notifications off and get some peace of mind back.

If you think about this I believe you will see it is true.

Doing the right things takes effort.

Doing the wrong things takes no effort at all.

I wonder why that’s true?

Thanks for reading.

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