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Why I LOVE Small Results!

One of the most comforting Scriptures to me is in Zechariah 4:10. In that scripture the Lord tells us to “not despise the day of

How can I get to Carnegie Hall?

A tourist to a street musician “How can I get to Carnegie Hall?” Street musician to tourist “PRACTICE!” Even though it is not the answer

8 Things That ALWAYS Sell

Want to make sales the easy way? Then it’s time to start talking about your offer using different words. Emotional words. Powerful words. Words that

Are you a “good finder”?

I am asking you to do me a favor and read the first section of this message slowly and carefully. Thank you in advance. One

What Are Your CORE FOUR?

Tired of feeling confused, overwhelmed, and not getting the results you want?

Focus on these 4 things and watch as your business grows AND your happiness increases.

Sell More With The Foxworthy Method

Want more opens, clicks, and sales?

Learn how to write powerful headlines and all of these increase AUTOMATICALLY!

Learn to demand attention and sell more with one simple change!